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Former Member
May 20, 2014 at 11:24 PM

SAP HANA, developer edition 1.0 Rev 72 CAL instance not working



We have been using a CAL instance for a while, but from yesterday onwards even though CAL portal says " instance is being activated" and we could see the status is shown as Green(After restarting the instance); we are not able to reach the instance through any channel(Not connecting through Hana studio, Not connecting through Putty,Not connecting through XS engine as well.)

This is a static IP instance, I've cross checked the configuration and the IP still remains the same. But unfortunately system is not accessible though the CAL portable report the system status is active.

Request you to address this issue at the earliest, since this is creating a delay in our development activities.

Note: This was a working setup without any issues and this weird behaviour is observed from yesterday. We have not changed any configuration at system level or through AWS account.