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May 20, 2014 at 11:58 PM

SAP Confusion Center - SAP Created New Customer Instead of Adding License


I am very frustrated...

After 3.5 days of waiting for a license, SAP apparently ignored the old customer number and created a new account. I could live with that while waiting for them to merge the accounts but they either didn't give me a license or they have done a damn good job of hiding it.

When I click on the link that says 'License Keys' (you know that place that should show licenses) it displays this:

SAP License Keys

License keys
requested by me

license key requests

No license key requests found

So then I tried to sign up for their Personal Demo. I clicked on the link and saw a page telling me I am registered. Doesn't tell me the date but does tell me that I am registered. Oh, It does tell me the date and time that I registered, just not when I registered for.

A couple of other things.

When you initially click on license keys it says something like 'Search Installations' and then I saw 'Search Authorizations'. None of these help and EVERY TIME I CLICK ON SOMETHING I HAVE TO ENTER MY CREDENTIALS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

In short, this site sucks. I hope someone would fire me for putting this trash together and put me out of my misery.

Okay, all that said, if it says 'No License key requests found', does that mean I don't have any licenses or is SAP playing some sick game with me?

I could understand if it just said 'No License keys found'. But it doesn't.

Maybe it is a translation issue? Does Authorization mean License?

Who could know?

Who do I complain to? TechXTend? SAP?