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May 20, 2014 at 04:45 PM

Questions about Solman ITSM configuration


Hi all.

Is there anyone who can help to configure ITSM in Solution Manager 7.1 SP10?

While I was configuring it based on my customer's requirements, I was stuck on some steps.

1) Incident Search

Please see below screenshot. When I search available incidents, I want to give a specific condition in the filter, 'Status'. And currently I only use a transaction type, 'ZMIN'. However, as you can see the picture, there are tons of unnecessasry list in that drop box which are involved in the other transaction type. Can I make it visible for ZMIN only? I saw it before in somewhere else but don't know how :'(

2) Automatic assignment of 'Reported By'

See below picture again. The 'reported by' section is supposed to be filled out when I create a new incident. But my customer wants it to be assigned automatically to the ID who is creating the incident at that moment. For example, when a message processor open the incident, the system asked whether the processor wants to be assigned as a Message Processor. I want to give a same logic on this 'Reported by' as well.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Seong Do Lee