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How to compare SAP gui installation on two PCs


I am having trouble with SAP connectivity from my PC, I did same installation on two PCs. It is working fine on one machine but not working on other one.

Is there a way to compare SAP gui installation on both the machines?

Please help.


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2 Answers

  • May 20, 2014 at 03:50 PM

    Hi Praveen,

    There are a couple ways you could do this.  You can get an at-a-glance view of the patch levels of the SAPGUI installation by opening up SAP Logon, clicking the little icon in the upper left corner (), and choosing About SAP Logon...  A screen will open with the version, patch, and hotfix levels.  There are further options from that screen:  Client Environment will give you some details about the OS service pack level and PC hostname and IP address, Loaded DLLs will show you all the individual files in use for SAPGUI in exhaustive detail, and Save Version Information will take the same Loaded Dlls information and save it to a text file, which you could then use to compare with the same text file from the second PC.

    You also can try clicking that upper-left icon and then choosing Options.  Go to the System Information view, where again you will have the version, patch, and hotfix information, as well as an option to Check SAP GUI Installation.  Running that will do an automated check to make sure you don't have missing or mismatched DLLs, etc.

    Finally, from that same Options window you can choose the Traces folder and set up all kinds of detailed logging and tracing to see if you can isolate an error.

    Have you confirmed that you can ping the message server host from both PCs?  Are they both configured the same as far as network connectivity, firewall, etc?



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    • Jann is right, but I have a sense you might need more detail.  You will need to know the hostname of the SAP server you are trying to connect to.  If there are multiple hosts, then the one you want to know is the hostname of the message server (also sometimes known as the central instance).  When you are setting up your SAPGUI installations and configuring SAP Logon, this is the name you are putting in either the Application Server or Message Server field, depending on whether you are using Custom Application Server or Group/Server Selection.  So, from the PC that is working fine, you will see something like this:

      For the system you are trying to connect to, it will either have a server hostname in the Group/Server column, or the Message Server column.  If there is one in the Message Server column, use that, otherwise use the other one.

      Then, as Jann said, on your Windows PC, click Start, and in the command box type cmd and hit <ENTER>.  That should open up a DOS command window.  In the window, type ping (where is the hostname you found out of the working SAP Logon).  If it's working correctly, it will look like this:

      If it's not working correctly, it will be obvious.  In that case, you must talk to your network administrator to figure out what's wrong.

  • May 20, 2014 at 04:08 PM


    NwCheckWorkstation.exe  can be run on the affected pc, to check the installation status of SAPGUI.

    Check this KBA, it has multiple OSS notes for GUI related issue, will help to troubleshoot.

    1603032 - Dump with MESSAGE_TYPE_X in SAPLOLEA and AC_SYSTEM_FLUSH and LOLEAU02



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