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May 20, 2014 at 02:27 PM

Previewing Crystal Report for stored procedure with output parameters


For my WinForms application I am updating an older report (VS2003) in VS2005. CR for VS2005 has asked me to update to the newer version and I agreed to do that.

My program calls a SQL Server stored procedure and provides that data via a dataset (along with some parameters) to the report (Crystal does not call the procedure directly in production).

I am updating the stored procedure to add a few columns to the result set and I am also adding a few stored procedure output parameters which will be sent to the report. My problem comes in the Crystal designer. I am attempting to refresh my connection so that I can preview the report in the designer. When I try to Verify Database it prompts for my input parameter but after supplying the input parameter it complains about the first output parameter with

"Procedure or function 'stpRptxxxx' expects parameter '@sHeader', which was not supplied. SQL State: 42000 Native Error"

I had already added a parameter "sHeader" in the report prior to this. I even tried renaming the parameter to "@sHeader".

I had previously modified another report just fine with a stored procedure that contained output parameters (though no input parameter) so I'm confused as to why this report doesn't seem to like output parameters.

When I run my application the "sHeader" parameter shows up fine in the report but I can't get it to preview in the designer.

Is this even possible? I have spent a good day (now 2) searching for solutions and I am despairing of finding one. I did see one reference that said Crystal does not support output parameters but I'm hoping that is not correct. If that is true, how (or even can) I preview my report?

(Also, how does one move a discussion to another discussion forum? I didn't see any way to "move" a question. I also cannot paste in the editor. It was suggested I put this question in this forum as suggested by a responder to my original message in the "SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio" group. I had to retype this entire message.)