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May 20, 2014 at 11:55 AM

SEGW / Value help / Request limited to top100


Hi, we are developing a workflow based SAPUI5 app and would like to forward the user with an value help.

var input = new sap.m.Input('forward-to', {

width: "100%",

placeholder: "* Receiver",

showSuggestion: true,

suggestionItems: {

path: "/EmployeeSet",

template: new sap.ui.core.Item({

text: "{NAME}"



Our problem is the oData Model (generated by SEGW as valuehelp). The sent request for EmployeeSet is limited to top 100:
"/EmployeeSet?$skip=0&$top=100&$inlinecount=allpages" and we don't know how to handle this limit because we need more than these 100 entries.
Is this a bug, a feature? How could a workaround look like (except querying all users and bind them to another data model)?
Greetings, Vanessa