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May 20, 2014 at 11:32 AM

Issue with Opening stock for YTD



Ex: Period selected is 2013.02

2013.01 2013.02

Opening stock 1000 900

Purchase 100 200

Sale 300 300

Sales Return 100 400

Closing 900 1300(=opening of 1st month+total purchase-total sale+total sale return, Which is perfect with closing stock value)

Closing stock = Opening stock+Purchase-Sale+Sale return.

Here Opening stock for YTD should be Opening stock of 1st month which is 1000, But it is taking the value of previous month closing stock.

Previously Account Type was Expense now changed to Asset.Still Problem as it is showing the above explanation.

In case of Expense Account type it was showing the value as sum of two months like 1900 as Opening stock.and sum of Closing Stock.

Now no problem with Closing stock as it is calculating the Closing stock with the Opening stock of 1st month but in case of Opening stock it is Displaying the Value of previous month closing stock,which should display the value of 1st month Opening stock.

Tried with formula also, it is not accepting as it is saying that (YTD Storage type is different that Periodic).