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May 20, 2014 at 10:13 AM

Deploying J2EE application from NWDS


Hi All,

I want to deploy a sample J2EE application from NWDS. I have the .ear file ready. However I am a little confused as to how to deploy it on the server.

I assume I need to use J2EE engine perspective to do that.

There are 2 things:

1. Message server name

2. Message server host.

Pls throw some light on what should I use there. In our project server archietecture, we have Portal server J2EE instances

(e.g Should I use this or something else?? What is SDM password in this context and where to get it?

Also there is a JSP with input fields. If I need to run it using a browser, what host name should I give.