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Nov 23, 2005 at 07:54 PM

SRM 4.0 Security Concept


Hi all,

I am looking for documentation on implementing auth on SRM 4.0.

This is our approach:

- We have created a Org Structure. Some nodes have attributes on Company Code, Purchasing Group, Purchasing Organization, ....

- We are using users_gen to mass create users and attach them to Org Structure.

- We have create roles with PFCG. In the organizational levels of the role, we have written directly the IDs of organizational units of Org Structure.

At the moment it seems not working properly since the values present in the attributes of the nodes are not transferred to the users through the roles. A user can create Purchase Order for all Purchasing Organization....

Any experience on SRM ?

Where I can find infos on PFCG + PPOM_BBP + USERS_GEN ?