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May 19, 2014 at 07:33 PM

STO with return indicator and subsequent delivery for compliance check


Hi Everyone,

I am trying to prototype a STO return scenario in standard SAP for Compliance screening. I had been using an old version of feeder system in the past which didn't support screening of STO with return items. So, we had a custom development in place.

Now, on checking in ECC- I do find a standard logic provided by SAP to interchange the partners when there is a STO item with return indicator set- Which is great. Now when i create a subsequent delivery for this return STO- This is being considered for application level MM0B.

I do see a check in FV50XF0B_SLL_DOCUMENT_TRANSFER, where the system checks for the document type of the return delivery and also the previous document type to decide whether to call MM0B or SD0B.

In my case, it's a return STO- So, VBTYP( Document category "T"- Returns for order) and VGTYP(V- Purchase order). And the logic is always passing this on to MM0B application level.

Though the logic for VGTYP is passed for purchase order category- System checks if there is a supplying plant involved. If yes, then the application level MM0B is considered. Does this mean we can't use a Return STO/Delivery for SD0B application level?

---- Return deliveries

when vbtyp_lire.

read table it_xlips into ls_xlips index 1

transporting vgbel vgpos vgtyp.

if ls_xlips-vgtyp = vbtyp_bestell.--->My case for STO

select single retpo into lv_retpo

from ekpo

where ebeln = ls_xlips-vgbel

and ebelp = ls_xlips-vgpos.

if lv_retpo = gc_true.

select single reswk into lv_reswk

from ekko

where ebeln = ls_xlips-vgbel.

if not lv_reswk is initial.

lv_mm0b_call = gc_true.


lv_sd0b_call = gc_true.



lv_mm0b_call = gc_true.


Do we have some correction notes specifically to make sure a Returns delivery with Document category T and Previous Doc type V pass on to SD0B appln.

Just like we have the partners exchanged at STO level for return items. I am wondering why there isn't a standard deliverable for the subsequent delivery as well. It doesn't make sense to transfer the return delivery with the incorrect partners for screening in GTS. Though this is possible with the custom BADIs, just wanted to make sure there is something that is provided in standard SAP which i am not aware of it.

I had already checked some of those notes and corrections for transfer of return deliveries.

Thanks for your inputs in advance.