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May 19, 2014 at 03:46 PM

Reverse Engineering PD 16.5


I have two questions:

(1) I am trying to reverse engineer a VIEW from live DB. I understand, if I need to get the datatypes of the VIEW then I need to reverse engineer the underlying table at the same time as well. So, it means select VIEW and it's underlying TABLE to reverse engineer and I will get the datatypes.

The problem is we have many VIEWS_1 created from VIEWS_2 and they have the underlying table.

VIEW_1 -----> VIEW_2 --------> TABLE

I need the datatypes of VIEW_1, so while reverse engineering I am selecting VIEW_1, VIEW_2 and TABLE to get the datatypes, but I am getting datatypes of only VIEW_2 and TABLE. VIEW_1 is still without the datatypes.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

(2) I am able to do the following for tables,

Live DB -----> PDM ------> LDM

Is it possible for me to do the same thing for VIEWS? I want LDM created out of VIEW(PDM).