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May 19, 2014 at 02:47 PM

Installment Plan-- Payment Run


Hi Friends,

by executing the Payment run for an Installment plan, comes the following error message.

Amount 34,10- EUR for document 9123456789 could not be broken down

Message no. >5251


The amount specified is the clearing amount that is allotted to a collective bill or an installment plan with document number 9123456789. This amount is to be split over the items belonging to the collective bill or the installment plan by the clearing variant assigned to clearing type 20R and clearing category of the contract account.

The clearing cannot be posted for one of the following reasons:

You have not used a correct clearing variant for this business transaction.

No clearing variant could be determined.


Check the relevant table settings for clearing control.

You must be able to split the amount over the items belonging to the collective bill or installment plan using the clearing variant. Therefore, you usually have to permit a partial clearing of these items.

The clearing variant must not use rules for automatic write-off of tolerance variances.

It is the 6th Installment plan of him, till now with Payment run- correct amount was deducted in Direct Debit and this is not the last Installment plan.

In clearing type 20R-Distribute Payment to Installment Plan-Usage 3 was used with check box for Incoming Payments was set.

1. I have no idea what caused the error message that was stated above.

2. As stated in the config for 20R-There is no payment, why did the system execute this Clearing type.

3. As it is direct debit the amount which was direct debited 34,10 is equal to IP.