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May 19, 2014 at 01:01 PM

Retrieving Archived Files


Hi Experts

i have archived some data through T-code (se38)

1. Run program RIARCMPL via SE38 transaction and enter in the Maintenance Plan. Set delete flag in maintenance plan

2. Run program RIARCMPV via SE38 transaction and enter in the Maintenance Plan.

3. Then execute program RIARCMPA via SE38 transaction, which will create a file.

4. Execute program RIARCMPD, and select the session from above step 2, after executing which will delete the Maintenance Plan

then when i need to retrieve data i used T-code (sara)

1.Choose Storage System.

2.The Store/Retrieve Archive Files menu box appears.

3.Choose Retrieve Files.

i have a problem here in this step i don't find the archived file i made in se38 as shown screen shoot below

4.The Archive Administration: Retrieve Files screen appears.

5.Using Archive Selection, select the archive files you want to retrieve and specify when you want the retrieval to commence.

6.Confirm your retrieval request by choosing Execute.

and i try all the solution found in and it didn't work with me


saaaaaaaaap.png (90.9 kB)
saaaaaaaaap.png (90.9 kB)