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What do you think about the Maintenance Optimizer KBAs and notes available?

I want to reach out and ask you for opinions on documents, with some focus on KBAs.

As I see that the KBA framework has little in the way of feedback recording, I want to know your opinion about the KBAs.

Here are the 10 most viewed KBAs (all time) for Maintenance Optimizer:

1887979 - Requirements before opening a message for MOpz

1861357 - Software component <software component name> is found on the system but not in the list of expected system components in the stack

1813563 - Product registration of installed Add-Ons is missing!

1813549 - "EHP Component without suitable Technical Usage!" in Solution Manager Maintenance Optimizer

1711612 -  RPT_MOPZ_COPY_STACK_XML Report Troubleshooting

1781714 -  Software component > with version is found on the system but in the stack it is listed with version

1929581 - DEPLOY-SHADOW-INSTANCE fails with message Could not update components

1899017 - MOPZ: Successor installed for SAP PORTF AND PROJ MGMT 5.0

1909788 - Wrong Netweaver Product version found SAP NETWEAVER 7.4

1702990 - Error Transaction must be assigned to a Standalone Product version!

And here the latest KBAs:

2017048 - Stack XML contains different target SP levels for identical systems.

2002546 - CP: Direct upload of landscape data to the customer profile

2000672 - MOPZ - Select a technical usage to update LSOCP.

1998891 - Upgrade to  EHP3 for SAP SCM 7.0 , not all files in XML

1929581 - DEPLOY-SHADOW-INSTANCE fails with message Could not update components

1914660 - MOpz: Input data was initial, enter product system name

Please let us know your thoughts about these documents, which cover the most common and latest Maintenance Optimizer issues.

Best regards,

Miguel Ariño

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1 Answer

  • Jul 01, 2014 at 01:47 PM


    Some of the latest KBAs for Maintenance Optimizer:

    2036017 - Error: Wrong Input data: Wrong Netweaver product version found SAP EHP1 FOR SAP NW PI 7.1

    2035561 - Warning: Upgradable add-ons for are not in the installable add-on list

    2034375 - Dump: Syntax error in program "SAPLAGS_MOPZ_PLAN_BASE"

    2033783 - Error: Successor installed for SAP NFE 1.0_700

    2033768 - Error: System : Installed Product Instance SAP NETWEAVER 7.3 not assigned!

    2031584 - How to manually assign product instances to systems in LMDB

    2029417 - MOPZ - Update Options empty for EHP systems

    2028313 - MOPZ: Add the latest SAP_HR and EA_HR Support Packages

    2028310 - Error during verification check

    2028291 - Successor installed for SAP ACCESS CONTROL 10.0

    2024011 - MOPZ does not update ESS/ MSS in Enterprise Portal upgrade (Netweaver 7.3x to N

    2021173 - Product version is not visible in MOPZ

    2018872 - MOPZ: Instance SAP SEM is currently not released for NW 7.31 stack xx !

    As you can see, we have been busy in the last month and a half.

    I welcome any feedback about these KBAs

    Best regards,

    Miguel AriƱo

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