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Nov 23, 2005 at 03:25 PM

Passing Values from one node to another node??



I have table(say GetTable) with two columns: Month and MaterialInput. Month is of TextView Element & MaterialInput is of InputField type.

This GetTable is bound to GetTableNode which has two value attributes: Month(type --> String)& MaterialInput(BigDecimal).

I making the user to enter any value against any row under the column "MaterialInput". Thus he/she can enter any value in Input field against corresponding Month..

Now I have to display only those rows to which he has seleted.

I created another table(say DisplayTable) and binded with DisplayTableNode having Month and MaterialInput (string and BigDecimal types respectively).

And I have written the following code.

IPublicPreBuyPricesComp.IGetTableNodeElement getTableElement ;
	IPublicPreBuyPricesComp.IDisplayTableNodeElement displayTableElement ;
    int size = 0;
    int sizeMax = wdContext.nodeGetTableNode().size();
	BigDecimal Input = null;
	String Month = null;
    for(; size<sizeMax;size++)
	displayTableElement = wdContext.createDisplayTableElement(); 
    	getTableElement = wdContext.nodegetTableNodeNode().getTableNodeElementAt(size);
    	Input = getTableElement.getMaterialInput();
    	Month = getTableElement.getMonth();
    	 if (Input.equals(null))

I'm getting following errors:

1. The table gets displayed with values only if I fill the first row and then continue it like this for rest fo the rows below.

2. if i fill the first row and then third/fourth or any row then only first row gets dispalyed.

3. if i dont' enter the first row and with rest of the rows i fill any manner, nothing gets displayed.

I don't know where I'm going wrong

Can somebody help me with this???

Thanks in advance