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May 19, 2014 at 07:20 AM

Logistic costs rounding issue in GTS


Hi Gurus,

I am new in GTS. I have a question on the rounding issue of logistic costs.

In ERP billing, the billing item has qty of 4 pieces and total legal net value is USD945.46. This is passed to GTS and the single item in ERP is segregated into 3 items in GTS for different country of origin:-

1) item 10 - Country of Origin YU - 2 pieces with value USD472.73.

2) item 20 - Country of Origin GU - 1 piece with value USD236.37.

3) item 30 - Country of Origin TR - 1 piece with value USD236.37.

Thus, the total in GTS becomes USD945.47 and causes the 1cent discrepancy in GTS and ERP.

Therefore, I would like to know how and where to check the logistic costs calculation in GTS.

- How is the item of same material to be segregated by 3 countries of origin in GTS?

- Where is the place to calculate / distribute the prices to the segregated items? Is there any configuration involved? Do you know which ABAP program / fm is involved in this calculation?

Please advise. Many thanks.