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May 19, 2014 at 06:03 AM

Breakdown time provision in PP module


Dear Expert,

The objective of this post is to capture the plant production down time in production planning module and future analysis, provision of extracting the same in BW.

There are multiple down time entries to be entered in a day with parameters "start date and time, end date and time". At day end, total cumulative downtime in hrs are required by summing up entries recorded per day. Total per day downtime hrs to appear in process order confirmation screen and posted.

Is it possible the business process mapping as below?

1. Add a additional field "total breakdown hours" on single entry screen through enhancement.

2. Start and end perimeters to be provided in the PI sheet and calculated total value in calculated field "total breakdown hours" (summing up entries recorded per day).

3. Then at confirmation screen, we refer this additional fields "total breakdown hours" from calculated field (summing up entries recorded per day) pi sheet.

I am not clear about possibility of third point in the system as i am not much expert in process messages categories to cover such as requirement.

Please help me to map above business requirement.

Regards/ Nasir Ramzan