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Nov 23, 2005 at 02:12 PM

ABAP WebAS 640 Consume Web Service


I am trying to consume a .Net Web Service from a WebAS 640 system, but am encountering problems. Here are the steps I am taking:

1. In SE80, Create a new Package

2. Right-click the package and choose Create > Enterprise Service / Web Service > Proxy Object

3. Choose the first radio button "URL / HTTP Destination"

4. Enter the url of the WSDL of my .Net service

5. Type in the name of my package, and a prefix that begins with Z to put it in the customer namespace

---> At this point, SAP tries to generate the proxy but gives the following error:

"<b>Cannot generate proxy (object schema missing in WSDL, see long text)</b>"

When I click the help button for more information, I see that there is a reference in the WSDL to a namespace which is not defined in the WSDL. This namespace is included by default in .Net - I do not know whether I should try to remove it or if there is a setting in SE80 which would cause SAP ignore the namespace reference. Does anyone have experience with this?

I have pasted the help information below.


During proxy generation, an interface description in WSDL format is fetched from the Integration Builder or another source and interpreted. This WSDL document must describe the whole interface correctly.

==> Display WSDL Document


In the WSDL document, the object


from the namespace


links to the object


from the namespace


However, this last object does not exist in the WSDL document.

<b><u>System response</u></b>

ABAP proxy generation expects that all directly and indirectly referenced objects are in the WSDL document. Therefore, no proxy can be generated for this WSDL and the system displays an error message.


This situation can have different causes:

Object "schema" not been defined

Object "schema" saved in the wrong namespace

In the reference to object "schema", the wrong name was specified

In the reference to object "schema", the wrong namespace "" was specified

Internal error in the service that constructs the WSDL document

Internal error in ABAP proxy generation