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Nov 23, 2005 at 01:12 PM

Pbm with choosing right SCV



I have multiple Legacies, and couple of R-3 instances in a landscape.Initially there was a decision to choose separate SCVs for each System in the landscape like





Namespaces will be defined interface wise under the specific SCV.

As a general design design, we decided to have mappings in the target interface Namespace.

During interface design we found that we had complex multimapping scenarios both inbound and outbound to R3.

In case of Inbound R-3, where we have the mapping under the R3 SCV inbound interface namespace, we multimapped by creating a usage dependency between Legacy1 and R3.But in case of a multimapping reqm't for another interface InBound to LEGACY and outbound to R3, I cannot have the same facility, as the dependency enables legacy structures to be imported into only R3 namespace and not vice versa.

How do I overcome this problem.??

Other solution I can think of is having a single SCV and having all the R-3, Legacies defined under multiple namespaces but considering the number of interfaces per legacy , it turns out to be a bit unmanageable number under single SCV..

One another solution is to always have the multimappings in the outbound R3 system, but we want to avoid this for design reasons..

Please let me know your views on this!!!