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Nov 23, 2005 at 12:36 PM

Desperate: no way to restore deleted Process Chain?


I've got to say the process chain user interface really sucks! SAP has to learn on how to improve it's user interface by learning from other software companies! I was through the menu: Attribute -> Display Component to reassign process chain to another component. I created some test chain and need to delete them, but actually my real chain is active by double clicking it, then I click the test chain once and want to delete it (Note here that I only click the test chain cursor once without double clicking it, even if the highlight focus is on the test chain, but actually it's still on my real chain!), then I accidently deleted my real chain. That's a big big chain that I have burned my eyes to create it! There seems no way to restore it?

Here I tell you a lesson that you have to double click chain to really select it and be careful when conduct deletion!