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May 16, 2014 at 07:33 AM

HANA Expert SQL Script RSDHA383 error


Hello Experts.

My scenario assumes to load data from source to target with reading attributes in HANA Expert SQL Script and storing them into target object.

(e.g. I have 0PLANT in Source and in target I store 0PLANT with it attributes: SALESORG, RF_STORETY, DISTR_CHAIN etc)

So, when I'm trying to start loading the error occurs

Saving ended with errors

S:RSDHA:383 /BIC/Z* --some target infoobject name

Exception CX_RSDHA_MSG logged

Experimentaly I've found that this error occurs when the Source and Target have different structures.

I've modeled two DSO and try next cases:

The first case is when these DSO's have the similar structures. Target fields filled by HANA Expert Script. In this case everything is alright and no error occurs.

The second case is when I add new field(attribute of any source characteristic) to the target DSO(of course I make changes in my script for this new field). In these case I got an error:

Saving ended with errors

S:RSDHA:383 /BIC/Z* --added infoobject name

Exception CX_RSDHA_MSG logged

The same error occurs when I'm trying to load data from DataSource based on OpenDSO.

Does anybody know why it happens?

Thanks for any help.

Best regards,