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May 16, 2014 at 06:30 AM

BOIS 4.2 Installation Architecture Query


Dear Experts,

We have requirement to Install BOIS. However, we hearing different opinions on pro's and con's for each Scenario. Would like to hear from experts through this forum on the best sceanrio approach.

Below are the details for your reference


ü Recommendation for Landscape is

o Server 1:- BO

o Server 2:- BODS and BOIS

o Tomcat – Server 3

ü What happened during BODS Installation

ü Due to BO pre-requisite dependency for BODS, we installed few BODS components like APS services in server 1 and using custom and expand installed BODS on Server 2

Problem Statement

ü Now for installing BOIS we are facing following issue

o In Server 1:- Need to scale the BODS with Job Server then only BOIS Pre-requisite will be satisfied

o In Server 2:- Need to Scale with mandatory components of BO for BOIS Installation Pre-requisite

Solution Approach

ü We have following possibilities

o Scenario 1:-

§ Scale Server 1 by modifying BODS installation with Job Server component

§ Install full BOIS

o Scenario II :-

§ Scale Server 1 by modifying BODS installation with Job Server component

§ Scale Server 2 by installing BO mandatory components for BOIS to recognize like APS

§ Install few components of BOIS (except Data Cleansing) in Server 1

§ Install BOIS Data Cleansing in Server 2

o Scenario III

§ Scale Server 2 by custom/expand BO with requires Services so that it refers to Server 1 BO CMS

§ Install BOIS


Our preference approach is Scenario III and would like to understand what components of BO considered for Custom/expand installation. Added would also like to understand any risk/impact on BODS/BOIS with the Scenario III approach

Request your feedback, Thanks in advance, Venkata Kali Akella