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May 16, 2014 at 06:52 AM

Outbound delivery - Collective


Hi all,

I have a question to ask, we have a scenario where we receive orders via EDI, the sold-to & ship-to ID is always the same only that the address on the ship to is change (ie. country / name / address). The rest of the business information which concerns the split remains consistent (delivery date, plant, shipping condition, transportation group, shipping point, loading group etc). The problem here is that when the ship-to address is change in the sales order the address-id in table VBPA changes as well and this makes difficult for the sales order to be collective into a single delivery.

As I am seeing suggestion for the changes to be made via trax VTLA and the respective rountine under section Data transfer/header data, however my question is at which point of the code as performing a debug I dont come across this speific area.

Appreciate some feedback.