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May 15, 2014 at 07:18 PM

When I update MESSDRCK on EGERS via IQ03 the value does not update EZUZ in SAP.


I go to IQ03 and enter a serial number and hit enter. Then, I go to various on the IS data tab and select Measured Press.

When I changed the value to another based on the list of values and clicked save.

I see the MESSDRCK data updated on EGERS, but not on EZUZ. The MESSDRCK value on EZUZ retained the old value.

Anyone know why EZUZ is not updated please?

No responses so far, I see SAP Function module - ISU_DB_EZUZ_UPDATE updates the messdrck value on EZUZ in SAP?

However, when I go to where-used list in SE37, I get nothing returned. SAP returns, "Function Module ISU_DB_EZUZ_UPDATE not found in selected search area"