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May 15, 2014 at 03:16 PM

Help regarding Scheduling date calculation in APO using Condition Technique


Hi Team,

The below is the issue I am facing. Could you please help me regarding this?

For a material MAT1, a stock of 15 is available today i.e. on 15/05/2014 and a Planned Order of 35 is available on 01/08/2014. I have created a Sales Order of 50 today i.e. 15/05/2014 for this material with a RDD of 20/05/2014. I have maintained the LEAD and the TRAN times as 5 days and 10 days respectively. These are maintained for a particular Route. LOAD, PICK, and UNLD are 0. In the Location master, I haven't defined any Calendar. So, it has to consider all days as working without any holidays.

For the given RDD of 20/05/2014, system performs the backward scheduling and arrives at a past date of 05/05/2014(20/05/2014-5D-10D) for the MBDAT. Since this date is in the past, the system should set the MBDAT to the current system date i.e. 15/05/2014. Since PICK is 0, the Loading Date also should be 15/05/2014. Since LOAD is 0, the Goods Issue Date also should be 15/05/2014. Since LEAD and TRAN are 5D and 10D, the Delivery Date should be 15/05/2014+5D+10D=30/05/2014.

But, in the Sales Order, I am getting a different date. For MBDAT, Loading Date, and Goods Issue date, the dates are 05/07/2014. Transportation Planning Date is 25/06/2014 and Delivery Date is 01.08.2014. During the GATP check, I am getting only a partial confirmation of 15 and the planned order of 35 is not being considered.

The material is APO relevant and the Scheduling using Condition Technique is being used.

Kindly help me regarding this and let me know if I am missing anything here.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Thanks & Regards,