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May 15, 2014 at 11:36 AM

SOLMAN 7.1 PPF Action - Send email notification for a status every 15mins, fixed duration


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement in SOLMAN 7.1 Service Desk / ITSM, where they wants the email notification to be sent on a status (eg: New) every 15 minutes, to a support team, until they (support team) picks up the ticket and change the status to other than "New" (eg: In Process).

I am sure this scenario is common, in an organization using Service Desk, where you keep sending reminder to a particular team, until they pick up the tickets.

Below are the configurations done, but still not getting thru.

I don't thing there are any problems with email setup or so on, since my other ppf actions (SPPFCADM / CRMC_ACTION_DEF / CRMC_ACTION_CONF) sending email to the same support team is working fine ๐Ÿ˜Š.



I have selected "Processing Using Selection Report", since i am planning to run the report RSPPFPROCESS every 15mins.

There should be NO schedule condition, right ? (i have tried all 3 options (only with schedule condition, only with start condition, and both).

All seems not working. But under overview tab, i saw this: Schedule Condition: No Condition (Seen as Fulfilled).. does this mean, with only start condition is more than enough ?

This is the start condition (i have 2 statuses, where i want this to happen: New (force L1 to pickup the ticket) and Sent to Vendor (force vendor to pickup the tickets).

Note: I am not using Optimization Rule, since i dont have that much of actions, and i dont think performance wise, there will be any impact.

But let me know if this option can help.. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Now, about setting up the jobs to run every 15mins..


Then, after the above selection, save as variant (as shown below).

Below, enter a variant name and description.

For the both entries (D and Z), i have removed it (so, please ignore that).

So, now, create the job in SM36 as RSPPFPROCESS,

start condition: schedule it 15mins periodically (for testing, i make it 5mins)

step: Abap program RSPPFPROCESS, with the variant created just now.

Looks like, after removing the above D and Z entries in the variant, the job is getting the incidents with New statuses.

under the job spool, i am able to see the incidents with New status now....

Please advise what configuration which i have missed or to be corrected.

I really appreciate the help.

I am sure people out there might be looking for similar solution.