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May 15, 2014 at 08:20 AM

Some questions about FI allocation - by partner profit center/internal order


Hello Guros,

I have 2 questions regarding possible entries when creating FI allocation (T-code FAGLGA31):

  1. Has anyone used internal order (field AUFNR) as receiving object? I have added order in customizing "Define Field Usage for Distribution" (T-code GCA6), so it exists in the parameter screen but still when try defining the receiving tracing factors I receive message "No valid receiver entries exist" ( Message no. GA109).
  2. can partner profit center be used (with combination of profit center) as sending object. I need to create distribution using only postings that were previously distrbuted from profit center 10000 to profit center 20000 (i.e. in faglflext partner profit center = 10000 and profit center = 20000).

I have added partner profit center via GCA6 but when running distruibution (faglga35) I am not getting any records (receive message "Cycle
XXXX., start date YYYYY, does not include any senders" - even though there are relevant records to distribute).

Points will be awarded... and any help will be much appreciated.