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May 14, 2014 at 07:07 PM

Change "Interface node" property at runtime


I have two web dynpro components (say component A and component B) that, at one point, component A has to call component B and send some information to it. I could achieve this by creating a node in the component B with the properties "Interface node" and "Input Element (Ext.)" and declaring component B as a component usage in component A and embedding the main view of component B in a view container in component A and mapping a node from component A with that interface node from component B in the interface controller.

That worked perfectly. Component A called component B and it received the proper information through the interface node and it was displayed in the view container. The problem is that I also need to execute component B by itself, i.e. without being called by component A. If I try to do that I get a dump saying that the mapping of the node was not completed, which makes sense because the component has a node declared as "Interface node" but is not receiving any information.

¿Is there a method to detect if an interface node has received information and then ignore it in case it hasn't received any?