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May 14, 2014 at 04:38 PM

SAP BO The resources were not imported from the LCMBIAR file...


Hi Experts,

The Promotion job at Sap BO CMC are not working. Where is failing is the test of promotion with the state ( test failure ).

At CMC logs is present the error:

|879556CF06A44C3AA14B7661AA892DE432d|2014 04 23 13:21:36.308|+0200| |Fatal| |F| |CMC|12736| 53|http-8080-3 | |38256|0|0|0|CMC.WebApp|SE010-0032:12736:53.15268:1|-|-|CMC.WebApp|hostname:12736:53.15268:1|CjINQnI3HkcOozIwx7YfAxo3e90|||||||||com.businessobjects.lcm.utilities.LCMLogger||The resources were not imported from the LCMBIAR file. Please refer to the stack trace, if any.(PRS 00030)com.businessobjects.lcm.utilities.LCMException: java.lang.NullPointerException

The actual version of BI platform is BO 4.0 SP5.

We have checked the following sap notes without find the solution:

1712888 *BI 4.0 - Delegated Administration rights for Promotion Management1779821 *Adding objects to Promotion Job throws error "Failed to get dependencies of the1871782 *BI 4.1 - Unable to promote Publications1873285 *Promotion Management errors out (FWM 10002) after continuously clicking Refresh

I will patching at the las fitxpack but I don't find any KB related .

Please advice.