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May 14, 2014 at 11:17 AM

LWP triggered from +ve TM to PY


Hi Friends,

Kindly give your suggesstion on below scenario.

Whenevr employee is not coming to organization as per their assigned daily scheduled that means he is absent then LWP should be triggered from time mangement to payroll.

a)For above this requirement i have done the configuration like whenever i am not getting punch entry as per his scheduled and with condition of holiday class i m counting the day and passing to ZL wage type. In this way ZL table is updating but in time log it's coming under successful personal no with error.

Now at time of Payroll run IMPRT funtion is not calling LWP wage type.

b) Except this LWP wage type other two type wage type are also generating through time evaluation one OT and another is LOP. This two wage type are calling correctly to Payroll through IMPRT function.

Since there have a problem also. I am explaining with example. (4000- LOP wage type, 4001-OT wage type and 4002-LWP wage type)

in ZL table of Time Managment following entry has come.

01.04.2014 4000 4

02.04.2014 4001 1

03.04.2014 4002 1

04.04.2014 4001 1

Now IMPRT function reading only first two because third entry is LWP. So ZL entry in Payroll is.

01.04.2014 4000 4

02.04.2014 4001 1

Now another scenario i am changing sequence of ZL entry in Time log.

01.04.2014 4002 1

02.04.2014 4000 4

04.04.2014 4001 1

SO IMPRT is not calling any value from time log ZL because 1st entry is LWP.

Kindly reply this issue and give me idea that how i can evaluate LWP through time management to payroll.