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May 13, 2014 at 06:09 PM

cProject user cannot edit (confirm) their assigned tasks


Dear Experts,

we are facing an unexpected behaviour on cProjects: project user cannot edit (confirm) their assigned tasks, because the authorizations at the task level for user appear as Read (authorizations view on task), while on the project definition, for the same tasks the user is assigned Write permissions. Something must be happening in between that we are not getting right.

More details on the configuration behind and the process:

- In Project definition level, project roles (coming from a project template) are staffed to users (business partners)

- Project roles coming from project template are assigned to a project role type with Default authorization set as Read. Because we want all project users to be able to access in read mode to the whole project and tasks; and then be able to edit (Confirm) only their assigned tasks. Except for the project manager role, who has a different project role type assigned wih Admin default authorization set

- After making the staffing at project level, this seems to be working fine: all project users have read access assigned at project structure level and rest of tasks, except the project manager who has Admin authorization. And for each task, the user assigned to the task has write permissions.

- But when a user open the task from the tasks dashboard, and go to the Authorizations tab, then the user has Read permission for the same task, which causes the consequence of not being able to Edit and Confirm.

Can you guide us to understand why the Write authorization is being overriden to Read at user access? Should not the default authorization “read” at project role type be overwritten by the assignment of the user to the task?

Maybe is there other configuration setting that is missing or needs to be checked?

Many thanks in advance,