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May 13, 2014 at 01:12 PM

DIAPI - Using JCO to link Activities and Service Calls


I am attempting to use the SAP B1 API to create and attach Activities to Service Calls. I am using the Java connector (sapjco.jar). There is virtually no help available online, other than the API documentation, and I can't locate the sample code that apparently comes as part of the install.

I can use the API to successfully create and update both Activities (IContacts) and Service Calls (IServiceCalls), but I don't know how to link them together. It would make sense if it was done like this


except this function does not exist.

I guess that maybe I need to use IRelationship, but the API doc says only this:

getRelationships(ICompany aCompany, java.lang.Integer lID)

get Relationships object with specified ID, BoObjectTypes_oRelationships

Is this correct? What should BoObjectTypes_oRelationships be? Is anyone able to give me some guidance please, or at least a useful sample?