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May 13, 2014 at 01:06 PM

Getting error while executing BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE


Hi Experts,

I am creating MB1B scenario through BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE with GM_CODE '04' and all necessary input like item and serial numbers

Sample Code for that requirement.

ls_item-material = ls_item_input-material."Material

ls_item-stge_loc = sloc_from."From Sloc

ls_item-batch = ls_item_input-batch. "Batch

ls_item-move_type = gc_311.

ls_item-entry_qnt = ls_item_input-entry_qnt. "Quantity

ls_item-entry_uom = ls_item_input-entry_uom. "Unit Of Entry

ls_item-val_type = ls_item_input-split_val_type. "Valuation Type

ls_item-move_plant = plant. "Plant

ls_item-move_mat = ls_item_input-material."Material

ls_item-move_stloc = sloc_to."To Sloc

ls_item-move_batch = ls_item_input-batch. "Batch

***Serial Number

IF ls_item_input-serialnumber IS NOT INITIAL.

lv_count = lv_count + 1.

ls_serial-matdoc_itm = lv_count.

ls_serial-serialno = ls_item_input-serialnumber.

APPEND : ls_serial TO lt_serial.


APPEND ls_item TO lt_item.

while executing the bapi getting error : "Maintain serial numbers for total quantity"

I have looked into some of the forums but still i am getting same issue.

Note : From Tcode i am able to create material document.