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May 13, 2014 at 12:43 PM

How to align footer in Adobe form


Hi experts,

I required your urgent help for my development. I made a adobe form for customer ledger. Form is divided in 3 parts as shown in below image:

Header sub form will print on each page if form is more than one page. Then Body will grow to multiple page according data. Next is footer, it will print on last page (either last page is 1st or 4th page) positioned bottom. The problem is that in some situation. Like it prints Header, then prints body sub-form for open item. It grow according data. suppose that open item end on second page then footer should be placed on second page at bottom aligned. Footer sub-form is 2 inches( or 10-12 rows) in height. It should be checked that after end of body subform how much space is available. if there enough space for footer to be print then footer will print on same page other wise it will create one more page, at top of that page will print header sub-form and then at bottom aligned footer sub-form (there would be blank space between header and footer).

How to do that. Your help would be appreciate.

Please reply asap.

Thanks and Regards

Piyush Kumar


Form1.png (43.4 kB)