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May 13, 2014 at 11:07 AM

SAP NW 7.40 installation with Oracle 11.2



I am installing SAP NW ABAP 7.4 with Oracle 11.2 on Linux SuSE.

The installation has passed the initial stages and right now stuck on 'Perform Oracle post-load activities' step (Phase 22 of 36).

Actually, I mistakenly chose the master password with '@' in it. Now brconnect is failing in this step with an error code 5 with the below logs:



BRCONNECT timestamp

Changing password for database user SAPSR3 ...

Invalid character '@' in database password

Changing password for user SAPSR3 failed.


I have also tried changing the password for SAPSR3 user using BRTOOLS and successfully done that. I can connect to the database with the user SAPSR3 and the new password which I gave. But somehow when I retry on the SWPM screen, it again gives me the same error as mentioned above.

Has anyone seen this issue before? Can someone give some resolution for this urgently...