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Former Member
May 13, 2014 at 10:02 AM

Struggle for Disk Space on Business Objects Server



I have been asked to look after the Business Objects servers’ disk space. As
the logs files keep on increasing and there is a struggle to control the need
to hold these files. I have requested the server maintenance person to increase
the disk space on the drives but they have been asking me to clean up the log
files. Hence I have two important questions:

(Knowing that this can be unique to the organisation landscape along with
the number of reports and the type of activity which happens on Server combining
with the number of users – but wanted to ask as a rule of thumb what should we
have as a minimum).

1. What is the disk space that each drive should have on the server?

2. How long should we keep the log files till? (As there is a constant
increase in the folder size) Any SAP notes/recommendations would be very
helpful to support your answers.

Thank you very much for looking at the discussion. Look forward to hear from

Kind regards,