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May 12, 2014 at 11:27 PM

Reversing Posted Expense Report in ERP (FB08)


Has anyone here tried reversing posted Expense Report in the ERP? We were trying to reverse posted Expense Report in our ERP system for one of our employees via transaction code FB08 and we were getting below error message. Is the system designed not to be able to reverse posted Expense Report in the ERP system?


Reversal of accounting document not possible

Message no. F5A135


You want to reverse the document from logical system <TOD Logical System>.

System Response

Documents that were not created in the separate logical system <ERP Logical System> cannot be reversed.


Reverse the document in system 0M1PS83.
You can select the accounting document in system <TOD Logical System> using the document list (FB03) via BKPF-AWKEY = TEMOD, BKPF-AWKEY = 502-1 1 and BKPF-AWSYS = <TOD Logical System>.