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May 12, 2014 at 04:10 PM

Custom field mapping via HCI -- ERP to C4C



We have the custom field development done in ERP/C4C for products and we now need to transfer the Custom field through HCI via the products IFLOW(

What are the steps involved for this development in HCI?

We have done the following:

Step 1: Taking the updated wsdl from C4C

We have updated the related Communication Arrangement in C4C and downloaded the latest WSDL file

Step 2: Importing the WSDL into the HCI project (not sure if it is done)

We were unable to import the WSDL file, as we dint get the option in the Import. The import is for a WSIL file which we don’t have. So we created a new WSDL file in HCI Project and copied the content from our WSDL to it. Is it the right way?

In the message mapping Overview, there is an option for target element, Is our WSDL to be added there?

What are further steps to be done for the Custom field mapping via HCI.