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Nov 22, 2005 at 06:05 PM

Add multiple File Upload UI-Pattern to a Table


Hello there,

is it possible to use the Standard FileUpload UI element in a table as row element?

That table should initially return (via RFC) a list of required documents to be uploaded into a record model via another RFC.

My idea would be to attach the FileUpload UI element via Table cellEditor as a separate column to the table. Then for each table entry I would select the corresponding file on my local directory. At the end I would press the "upload"-button at the bottom of the table to upload them altogether.

Would that work? I have already tried to implement it. So far the UI-setup seems to work. But I failed to select more than one file with the integrated "browser"-button. As soon as I pressed the browser-button for the second entry in the table it returns an illegalArgumentException.

Much appreciated