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May 12, 2014 at 12:57 PM

VAL_PO_E in shopping cart not updated correctly


Hello experts,

I am working on SRM 7.0 EHP 3 landscape.

I created a shopping cart with quantity 12 and value 4 USD. After shopping cart approval, i created a PO with the same quantity, value and currency and approved it.

But when i tried to create confirmation, it was giving runtime error as 'Buffer table not up-to-date'.

I searched the log in SLG1 and RZ20, but there was no error message logged.

I checked the related documents in BBP_PD transaction. I found the value of field val_po_e 3,730,316.27, which is something not near to PO value and which is no where near to the quantity and price multiplication. Also the price per unit is 1.

I am unable to understand from where this value is coming.

Could you please let me know how and where this value iv_po_e is calculated?

Also i need to understand from process flow point of view, how and when the fields quan_po_e, val_po_e, val_po_e_agg, val_cf_e and val_cf of table BBP_PDIGP calculated.

I tried to search some related issues but couldn't find any.

Has anyone experienced this issue?


Yayati Ekbote