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Former Member
May 12, 2014 at 12:33 PM

substitution 2003 not able to over ride existing WS rule in IT0007


Hello Friends,

I am changing the WS rule for one week through IT2003 for the employee than I ran the TE than and checked the IT 2003 in the log it is ready perfectly by system.

But when I reached to over time calculation rule than it is considering the WS rule of infotype 7 (where over time is getting calculated on the bases of WS rule by maintaining the operation OUTWPSHIFT).

OUTWPSHIFT read the WS rule only from IT0007. how to fix this issue because client want to consider the WS rule which is being maintained in IT 2003 to get the correct hrs.

Please let me know how to over ride the WS rule of IT0007 through IT 2003.