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Help me to fix the error while running DBMaintain Against the Database Schema in ASE.

Hi All,

I am trying to install sybase mobiliser platform 5.1 SP 03.I am referring the following guide…

Now I have configured the ASE database server with default settings and now it is running fine.

Now my concerns are as follows:

1) I have executed the database schema (mobr5): 001_MONEY_drop_and_create_user.DDL with the help of linux command

isql -Usa -SASE1 -Phello@123 -i/opt/sybase/db/sql/001_MONEY_drop_and_create_user.DDL -o/opt/sybase/ASE-15_0/install/ASE1.log

How do I check the created database schema and user with default name 'mobr5'?

2) While running DBMaintain Against the Database Schema, I have followed the steps mentioned in the guide and made the following changes in the file






#Must be set if the driver is not packaged inside the scriptarchive or is present on the classpath

#e.g. /path/to/driver.jar




When I execute the script archives ,

java –jar /opt/sybase/db/sql/com.sybase365.mobiliser.vanilla.standalone-5.1.3.RELEASE-scriptarchive-ase-driverless.jar -c /opt/sybase/db/sql/

java –jar com.sybase365.mobiliser.vanilla.standalone-5.1.3.RELEASE-scriptarchive-ase-vanilla-driverless.jar -c

I get the following error:

So please help me to resolve the issues.

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1 Answer

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    May 13, 2014 at 06:23 AM

    Hi All,

    Issue is resolved and database has been updated successfully..

    Error was in database .url field of file.

    I have changed the database.url field from database.url=jdbc:sybase:Tds:ASE1:5000/mobr5

    to database.url=jdbc:sybase:Tds:<Private IP of Linux instance>:5000/mobr5

    Note:- I am installing mobiliser platform on AWS cloud.So I have made use of Private IP address of AWS Linux instance.

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