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May 12, 2014 at 09:12 AM

SAP PO 7.4 (AEX) Receiver Determination did not find any receivers at all



We are testing a simple synchronous scenario: SOAP <-> SAP PO <-> ABAP proxy.

During the test with soapUI, we face the error Receiver Determination did not find any receivers at all. The message does not enter SAP PO.

I've already checked a lot of SCN threads, but none of them contains a solution.

Major configuration steps

  • ESR
    • Service Interface with different operations.
      Interface pattern is stateless because we have more than 1 operation.
      For each operation, a message mapping and operation mapping was created
  • Integration Directory
    • Sender SOAP adapter
      Transport protocol is HTTP
      Message protocol is SOAP 1.1
      Do Not Use SOAP Envelope is enabled
      QoS is Best Effort
    • Integrated Configuration object
      Inbound processing tab: Software Component version of Sender Interface is filled in. If not, all operation-specific configuration is deleted. Any thoughts on that?
      Receiver tab: type of receiver determination is standard and configuration is operation-specific. No conditions were applied. Receiver communication component is the SAP ECC Business System.
      Receiver Interfaces tab: for each operation, the operation mapping is indicated.
      Outbound processing tab: points to the receiver SOAP adapter, using message protoco XI 3.0 (for ABAP proxies)

Any thoughts on the root cause?

Thanks a lot.