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Nov 22, 2005 at 03:41 PM

SAP Enterprise Connector Error - NWDS


Hello I have the following issue, I found the same problem in the eariler forums(no solution though) and pasting it here...

the content is copied from /thread/9971 [original link is broken]



I've installed the sneak edition of the NDS which is a part of the WAS 6.40 sneak preview. Everything seams to work just fine except for the proxy generation in a portal application using the SAP Enterprise Connector tool.(choose new >other >SAP connectivity-->SAP Enterprise Connector) I get to the point where I have to enter connection information's for a single server like Host name, system nr, client, etc...However when everything i filled out and I push next nothing happens. The process line in the bottom shortly fills but the same screen is shown.

Have anyone run into the same problem?

Best Regards

Ole Mose Nielsen


the problem I have is exactly the same. But say if I change the system number to '04' than I get an error - "connect to sap gateway failed".