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Nov 22, 2005 at 03:03 PM

Value transfer from Javascript variable to HTML Business Dynpro field


Hi there,

i am working with ITS, Version 6200.1019 on an 4.6C Backend. We have running several selfwritten services there.

At least i have no idea to solve the following problem:

On one Frame (subscreen) i put out a list of characteristics with short text via steploop. To give the user more information, a hyperlink on the short text may open a window with the belonging long text.

So far so good.

I'll define a function to open a window in JavaScript, cause set the dimensions of window an keep of the toolbars and so on.

<script type="text/javascript">

var zahl;

function New (value) {

MeinFenster ="`wgateURL(~OkCode="=SHLXT",`", "window", "width=250,height=150,scrollbars");




Inside my form i've the steploop:

`repeat with j from 1 to LINES.value`

<a href="javascript:New(`j.value`)">`Characteristic[j].value`</a>


But i can't get the right Value to the Dynpro. I try also to give the j.value as an parameter back to the function. This will be the index of my internal table so that i would get the right information.

I get the index value to the parameter, but not this parameter into my HTML Business. The value of G_WERT always is initial.

How can i fill the Dynpro field with the right value inside the URL HTML Business Expression?

Thank you for your response and help

Thorsten Tappe