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May 09, 2014 at 06:09 PM

FileName context object use for receiver determination


Hello Guys,

I have FTP to FTP scenario with no ESR object. I have one source directory and multiple receiver directories.

I am trying to use "FileName" context object for defining the condition to find the receiver interface

Then I am defining the condition that any file starting with abc should go through First Receiver Channel.

Similarly for the 2nd Receiver channel I have defined few other file name conditions.

But every time the scenario ends up in picking up the files from source directory and archiving. However, unable to find the receiver .

And ends up below error:

Transmitting the message to endpoint using connection File_ failed, due to: InterfaceDetermination did not yield any actual interface

Is it like I have to configure something else to get this working?


1.PNG (28.6 kB)
1.PNG (5.4 kB)