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May 09, 2014 at 02:04 PM

Performance issue using ReportDocument.PrintToPrinter method.


I have to print a report from VS2010 and WCF service running on Win 7. The print report method hangs for about 30 seconds or too long (depend
on number of pages to print)

repPrintDoc.PrintToPrinter(pd.PrinterSettings,pd.DefaultPageSettings, false);

There are no problems on loading the report. Printer access is ok (it's installed on the server).

I am using Crystal report runtime 12 SP4 also used Crystal report runtime 13 SP2 (x 13.0.2)

When we print a report from preview, it is faster but it take a too much time when we call PrintToPrinter () explicitly.

Many users faced this problem and some solution are given .I tried all solution but still it didn’t worked.

List of solutions:

  1. Enabling the "No Printer" option on the crystal report page setup window will help.
  2. Make sure that "Save Data with Report" is turned OFF on the File menu. This will speed up the report because Crystal won't have to
    discard the report data prior to running it.
  3. Check for the printer driver updates will also be a good idea
  4. Also try to print on another printer.

Please help me .I need it urgently.

Thanks in advanced