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How to change the node description in property Tree

Hi Experts,

I need to update the “Food/Paper Regulations”(Selected one) property node to “Other EU Food/Paper Regulations”. And remove the “GRAS” property.

Class Name of “Food/Paper Regulations” is ZAP_EHS_1024_126

I opened CL02 for this class and change the description-

But still if I go back to CG02 and see the description then it’s same not updated-

Can someone please suggest why its not updating here?

And how can we delete the GRAS node.Its only to remove the value assignment type from below screen or something else to do-

Please suggest me on this also..Thanks in advance.



Image1.png (10.3 kB)
Image2.png (21.9 kB)
Image3.png (19.5 kB)
Image4.png (9.2 kB)
Image5.png (17.2 kB)
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3 Answers

  • Posted on May 10, 2014 at 04:33 PM

    Dear Manglesh

    you "misunterstood" a little bit how a "property tree" is defined. A property tree is a list of value asignments as defined. Some of these are only for internal uses (e.g. the nodes); some of them can be used to maintain data e.g. by using a reference to a class. So if you would liketo get updated in the llok and feel of property tree you need to make anupdate for the value assignment types in customizing. Juts use the "Names""/"Description" as defined on class level and reuse them in corresponidng customizing activity.

    Regarding your second topic: answer is: yes: just remove the value assignment from protperty tree. Keep in mind these "issues": if in the past there are data maintainted in the value assignment type as removed from the tree you need to remember that: thee are still change docs availaeble; and data is there, and may be tjis value assignment type has been used in rule sets and WWI templates: therefopre best option is to do like SAP is doing: just move this value assihgnment from property tree "STANDARD" (whiich is used normally) to property tree "OBSOLETE" which might be helpful. So if needed user can switch to property tree "OBSOLETE" and checkl the data; but value assignemnt type would be "hidded" as in most cases the user will use "STANDARD" tree


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  • Posted on May 13, 2014 at 09:29 AM

    Dear Manglesh,

    To explain you, lets take an example of a subnode: Energy values under node Composition. We need to rename this to Energy data.

    To rename it, proceed to SPRO and click on the specify value assignment type.

    Select your value assignment with reference to the subnode Energy Values - SAP_RMS_1012_012. Click on detail and rename the description as Energy Data.

    This is how you rename the value assignment type. To remove a value assignment type, you may proceed as u have shown but its better you keep the VAT in Obsolete category and you may reuse it when required.



    energy values.JPG (22.3 kB)
    vat.JPG (35.0 kB)
    data.JPG (23.1 kB)
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    • Hi Diensh,

      Nice Explanation,

      After doing the abv steps , do we need to perform "Table Based Value Partitioning " and Match Up Master data again ?

      As because of we are changing the VAT desc in the back-end

      please clarify ,


      Ramu Mannava

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    Posted on May 12, 2014 at 03:54 PM

    Dear Manglesh,

    1. The nodes displayed under property tree are nothing but Value Assignments. Please go to below IMG path in SPRO (Environment, Health and Safety -> Basic Data and Tools -> Specification Management -> Specification Database Structure -> Settings for Value Assignment) and execute 'Specify Value Assignment Types'.

    There you can change the description (same as the description you have updated in class) which will be reflected in property tree. There, you can also see how the class is associated with the value assignment.

    2. As you mentioned above, you just need to remove the value assignment from the property tree. Nothing else to do.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Kannan Veerapandian.

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