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May 09, 2014 at 08:56 AM

NWBC - new tab instead of window



I know this question was discussed some days ago, but I come from a different angle. Not programming anything, just working using standard transaction. Of course when you come from the index page, the NWBC nicely opens a new tab for every transaction you start. But on the next tab you have the standard SAP GUI icons, also the one which opens a new session - and this one opens a new window, not a new tab. Is there any way to force the NWBC to open a new tab instead? Even more, I have a transaction (/SCWM/MON), where we use hotspots, so you can drill down for example to documents. There is a user parameter to control if the details are shown in a new window or the existing window. If I select new window, I also want to have a new tab instead.

I have checked the personalization settings, but found nothing there. Using NWBC Desktop Version 4.0