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May 09, 2014 at 07:14 AM

Carry Forward Quota Without using PCR



I need to carry forward leaves from end of December to Next year January.There are 12 Leaves available by December and in January 1 leave must be accrued and it must be added to previous quota available.I wanted this quota to be transferred using standard,not by using PCR. I have gone through posts in SCN and i tried accordingly but didn't work out.

As suggested by experts, I maintained 999months in Validity To.But it did not give the expected result.

Then i tried to maintain IT2012,but i need to maintain Time transfer Type there.So i tried to create in v_t555p.But its asking to enter Time type(t555a). As far what i came across we need to use standard Time types.If we create customer Time Type again we need to maintain processing class or write PCR. I am not much aware of PCRs.I am using TM04.

So can any1 suggest me how to proceed further,to carry forward Absence Quota to next year without using PCR.